Wikitree citing itself.

So I ran into Wikitree and had an interesting time adding my ancestry on to it. I like it because it is public. Then one day I get an email. […]

I am just going to provide a link to another indigenous journalistic site. I wont copy the content here, I will just send people there. Read it, because the UN […]

After investigating the Wet’suwet’en event in 2021, it was determined by Wolves of the West, that the RCMP that arrived there were coming from the Surrey detachment. Not nationally funded […]

The Shadow Walker Legend

Just creating a blog update, I will be accepting Patreon memberships. I will be writing Indigenous stories I have already copyrighted. The first will be the Shadow Walker: The Legend. […]

You can see the media machine at work right now. There is a crisis at the Wet’suwet’en territory and I wanted to address the perception that the Wet’suwet’en people are […]

National NDP response

I contacted the National NDP and urged them to immediately respond to the current situation and this is the letter I received in response. Dear Jayson,  Thank you for reaching […]