Wet’suwet’en RCMP investigation.

When I first saw that the RCMP were taking actions against the Wet’suwet’en people. I thought well someone is funding them. I first assumed that they were funded by the local community. So I started making some phone calls. I thought, well maybe I will check with division E headquarters to find out details. They deliberately sent me on a wild goose chase. I didn’t think to take down officers names because this was just an investigation to find out funding. I was directed by an officer to call the Houston detachment. I didn’t even think to question this information so I then spoke with Houston, BC. detachment. Which i thought was very interesting, this must mean officers from Houston have been used in the past for operations in that area. Houston, detachment was very defensive and refused to speak about what was going on but advised I speak with the Smithers detachment. So I called Smithers RCMP and they flat out said they had zero involvement and officers were coming from Surrey BC. So the wild goose chase sends me right back to Surrey and almost certainly pegs the funding source as being the BC government.

Now having worked for the Alberta Government I know a politician cannot spend a dime without a ADM or executive of the government signing the check. Politicians don’t have budgets for this kind of thing. This is coming from a bureaucrat. A bureaucrat also has the power to bully a politician, who generally are idiots, into going along with it. They end up being the talking head behind the actions of the bureaucrat. So I am very interested which one of them signed off on the attack of the Wet’suwet’en people. I will continue to push, because this is almost certainly going to end if the person signing the checks if forced to stop doing that. Administrative law dictates ADM’s are directly in charge of their programs. Politicians have little or no say and the bureaucrats are protected by organizations who’s purpose is to keep the politicians at arms length. I have seen politicians go completely crazy not being able to fire a bureaucrat, they will send them packing out of their office and go completely ballistic. To then be told by HR, there is nothing they can do to fire anyone in the public service. At least not without some serious issues that the protective organizations can’t stand behind. The invasion of indigenous people and violating the supreme courts orders, they have no issue with that because for them the largest crime is being exposed. Their oaths when becoming public servants are to keep secrets at all costs. Make no mistake the fight is not against politicians it is against bureaucrats.

I am showing this CBC article but this is an example where Canadian media lies. It is almost impossible to unravel the errors that went into this article. The CBC didn’t bother to even show the statement from Hereditary chiefs, see below.


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